Business Center

The D.O. Hall Business Center is a brand new commerce park ready for your business expansion. Located adjacent to the Cambridge Municipal Airport this 217 acre site offers many advantages to the prospective development.


Area Map

Site Features

Location: 1/2 mile from State Route 209
Adjacent to Cambridge Municipal Airport
Asking Price: $35,000 per acre
Max. Acreage: 30 Acres
Min. Acreage: 3 Acres
Zoning: Industrial/Commercial
Interstate Access: I-70, I-77 Interchange

Electric: American Electric Power
Location: Adjacent
Primary Voltage: 12 kV
Capacity: 6 mw

Telephone: Frontier
Switching: Digital
Fiber Optic: Yes

Gas: Columbia Gas
Location: On Site
Main Size: 6 Inches
Pressure: 40 psi
Capacity: 50-60 mcf

Water: City of Cambridge
Location: On Site
Main Size: 12 Inches
Pressure: 120 psi
Capacity: 6 mgd
Excess Capacity: 2 mgd
Static: Residual 85 psi
(Booster Pump on site. Activates at 85 psi;
will maintain 120 psi or 1,800 gpm)

Sewer: City of Cambridge
Location: On Site
Main Size: 8 Inches (0.5 mil gdp)
Capacity: 6 mgd
Excess Capacity: 2 mgd
Depth: Min. 8"; Typically 10"-13"

Storm Sewer: Surface run-off


State Taxes

Commercial Activity Tax:
Gross receipts under $150,000: No Tax;
Gross receipts under $1 million: $150;
Gross receipts over $1 million: $150 + .26% over $1 million

Corporate Franchise Tax: None
Sales Tax: 5.75%
Income Tax: Top rate: 5.925% (income over $200,000)

County Taxes

Sales Tax: 1.5%
Real Estate Tax: $16.6 per $1,000 (.35% assessment)

Community Taxes

Tax District: Jackson Township/Rolling Hills School District
$51.10 per $1,000, real property tax
(35% assessment, incl. $16.60 county tax)
Municipal Income Tax: 2%


Interstates: I-70 and I-77: 1-2 miles away
Airport: Cambridge Municipal Airport: Adjacent
Commercial Airport: Port Columbus International: 75 miles away
Highway: State Route 209: 1/2 mile away
Rail: Ohio Central Transportation: 1/2 mile away

Colgate-Palmolive operates this start-of-the-art facility adjacent to Cambridge Municipal Airport, which bisects the Colgate campus and D.O. Hall Business Center.  Colgate is Guernsey County’s second largest industrial employer, with more than 350 employees.

Ascent Resources and Plastic Compounders are new tenants in D.O. Hall, employing more than 130.

Detroit Diesel, in the foreground, and Ridge Tool, toward the back of photo, are two of the residents of the D.O. Hall Business Center.


The second of two $1 million grants from the State of Ohio is funding additional site improvements at the D.O. Hall Business Center. Here, local officials gain first-hand perspective on the installation of the storm water drainage system which will carry water away from development sites.

Foreign Trade Zone

The Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) program offers the ability to postpone, reduce or eliminate custom duties on products admitted to the FTZ. All merchandise in this general-purpose zone is exempt from Ohio inventory taxes, including tracking.

On-site Training

Zane State College Training Center

The first permanent, public higher education facility to be located in Guernsey County for more than 140 years, the Zane State College Training Center provides training and educational opportunities to the community and manufacturing workforce of the area. Located on Route 660 in Cambridge, the Center is a collaborative partnership between several economic development groups, human service agencies, area businesses, Ohio University and Zane State College.

Completed in 2001, the 35,000 square-foot facility houses programs that specialize in short-term, practical training focusing on company and industry specific needs. Customers of the Center enjoy flexibility and convenience through self-paces modules and training courses. In addition, several traditional college courses are offered through Zane State College and Ohio University in the new Paul R. Brown EPIC Center opened in 2014.  This ultra-modern college campus enables students to obtain a four-year college degree through affiliation with Franklin University. 

Developed to meet the training and workforce needs of prospective manufacturing companies, the Center is a catalyst for industrial growth and additional employment opportunities in the area. The Center allows Eastern Ohio to become a leader in the manufacturing industry nationally and worldwide.

For additional information on the Zane State Training Center call (740) 432-6568.